Create What You Love. Share it With the World.

Create What You Love. Share it With the World.

Have you ever wanted to start something new?  Like it's in your heart and bones and you just have to go for it.  The kind of passion where you feel like if you don't at least give it a proper try, something inside you will die?  The sort of endeavor that even if you fail, at least you will have tried and learned something about yourself and the world along the way?  That’s the engine that’s driven World F.C. from the beginning.  

What is it that you are truly passionate about?  Whatever your answer is, chances are good that if you thought about it long enough, you could trace the thread back in time to the moment it captured your interest for the first time.

For me, my passion for football/soccer/futbol (calico, fussball, etc.) all started during the 1986 World Cup with a t-shirt my parents bought me that paid homage to Maradona and other famous no. 10s.   That first piece of football apparel was pure magic!  It was my introduction to world football; my first taste of being connected to a wider world much bigger than my young mind could imagine at the time – an experience brought together by a mosaic of clubs and countries, footballing styles and strategies, rivalries and derbies, stadia and foreign player names I couldn't yet pronounce. 

Looking back, you just might say that the summer of '86 was when World Football Clothing began, I just didn't know it at the time. Today our passion is being inspired by the beautiful game, creating uniquely designed shirts and sharing them with the world.

What's Next...
While club football has risen to prominence in recent years, it was the international game that grabbed my attention and introduced me to a wider world of football some years ago.  There's something uniquely compelling about the burst of culture and color that comes out at the marquee international summer tournaments when the nations come together, each bringing their own vibrant flair to the festivities.   We can hardly wait for Euro 2016 and the Copa América Centenario!

As always we have been looking for fresh inspiration and new ideas.  We’re putting the finishing touches on some new apparel.  We've picked out our colors and we can't wait to bring this new collection to you.  So look for it to drop soon!

Get in touch at with stories or pictures of your first piece of football apparel.  We'd love to hear and see what first got you into the game!  


World F.C.

P.S. If you love the magic and mystique surrounding the games greatest to have pulled on the number 10 shirt, then you will definitely want to check out the latest issue of HOWLER Magazine called 'Of Gods and Ten'.

Posted on April 29, 2016 and filed under Design, Thought.