Walter, Beckenbauer, Matthäus & Lahm. 

We stand on the shoulders of giants - legendary players of strength and fortitude, full of courage and character. When such a player steps across the touchline and pulls on the armband to captain his team in a major international tournament, he becomes the face of a nation as he carries on his shoulders the hopes of a nation.  Whether a shot stopper, an engine, a playmaker or a proven match winner, the captain is always the first name on the team sheet.  

Captain | Capitán | Capitão | Kapetan | Capitaine | Spielführer | Capitano

The Captains Collection is our new signature series inspired by the iconic captains, countries and colors of world football.  A captain spills their blood, sweat and tears and in honor of them, we are spilling our eco-friendly inks to bring this series to you.

Each piece of the collection features a stylized crest with the country's initial on the left chest and our modern take on the classic tri-color captain's armband.  

We invite you to pull on the shirt, and wear your heart on your sleeve!

Posted on June 7, 2016 .