Club Soccer 101


Author Luke Dempsey has penned a thoroughly enjoyable read in his new book Club Soccer 101 .  Clocking in at just over 400 pages, Dempsey takes the reader on a globetrotting A-Z tour of 101 of world football's most famous club teams, capturing the essence of each one through their origins, history, legendary moments and players.  From AC Milan to Fenerbahçe and Feyenoord to Kaiser Chiefs, from Leeds United to Rangers and River Plate to Wolverhampton Wanderers, Dempsey highlights the crucial moments on the timelines of these clubs with stories that have seldom been told and familiar ones that only grow more nostalgic and intriguingwith each telling.

In his own words, Dempsey describes his work, Club Soccer 101, as "an account of what these storied teams stand for, the trophies they've won (and lost), the great players who've graced their line-ups, what their fans remember and sing about and wish had never happened and were glad they witnessed.  It's about the unforgettable games, the last-minute goals, the terrible refereeing, the unbeaten seasons, the bankruptcies, the managers who changed a club and the great teams they built.  From each founding, whether in the nineteenth century or just a decade ago, through their early years, their first trophies, their growing fan base, through wars and reconstructions of countries, to the explosion of TV money and the new, mega-game we all somehow still love, the book tracks the development of 101 of the world's top teams."

So get your hands on a copy of Club Soccer 101 .  Then go grab your favorite international beer or domestic micro-brew, the perfect cup of tea or coffee, make yourself comfortable and settle down into a quiet corner.  Whether you read it straight through from beginning to end, or hop, skip and jump around from club to club, we are positive you will enjoy Dempsey's fine work and all the goodness that Club Soccer 101 has to offer.


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Cover illustration is by Mark Yesilevskiy (Twitter:  @MarkWhyy)

Posted on September 24, 2014 and filed under Story, Thought.